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Violin/Viola Case - Super Light by Rokkomann, 1.5/1.7kg, Shaped

Violin/Viola Case - Super Light by Rokkomann, 1.5/1.7kg, Shaped

Black, Blue, Brown, Burgundy, Ivory, Orange, Steel Blue

Weight: 1.5kg(without straps)

Interior for Viloin Case

Violin Case : An attached pocket for accessories.

2 bows can be stored.

Black, Blue,Burgundy

Weight:1.7kg(without straps)

Interior for Viola Case

Viola Case : An attached pocket for accessories. 2 bows can be stored.

A spacer included for Viola case.

Violin Super Light Case-Shaped, 1.5KG

Colour Price
Black  $2100 $1890
Blue  $2100 $1890
Brown $2100 $1890
Burgundy  $2100 $1890
Ivory $2100 $1890
Orange $2100 $1890
Steel Blue  $2100 $1890

Violin Case Super Light , 1.5kg, Shaped:

Viola Super Light Case-Shaped, 1.7KG

Colour Price
Black  $2800 $2520
Blue  $2800 $2520
Burgundy $2800 $2520

Viola Case Super Light ,1.7kg, Shaped:

Deep Pocket System

Stretched deep pocket system made it possible for large sized music pieces to be inserted.


Two special handmade straps with long anti-slip chloroprene rubber pad makes your travel easy and comfortable.

Violin Case

Viola Case

The Swiss Made Lock

Original lock, beautifully made by the world famous Amiet© Switzerland, promises smooth touch and secure locking.

YKK Aqua Guard Zipper

Only this rain proof zipper made in YKK Japan factory can use the "Aqua Guard" name. Super Light is the exclusive user in music industry for this item.

High Density Styrofoam


The special water repellent fabric made with polyester yarn of 450 denier thickness. Equiped with large outside pocket (Guitar Cases, Violin/Viola Shaped/Oblong Cases), well balanced handle.


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