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Violin bow copy of Dominique PECCATTE. 

Silver mounted. Made in Hong Kong 2021

Violin bow copy of Dominique PECCATTE. 

Silver mounted. Made in Hong Kong 2021

Dominique Peccatte (1810-1974) The most brillant bow maker from the mid- 19th century . Wich maker wouldn’t be inspired by Peccatte head model ? Which musician wouldn’t be of owning a Dominique Peccatte Bow? These bows are well-known for the playing qualities and are unsurpassed in any technical demands.

Peccatte bow uses the Pernambuco, which is strong yet supple. We do ... the selection according to his style, at the same time, we follow the square head, which gives this reddish bow stick stronger playing qualities. Based on Peccatte’s classic model, we shoot the Pernambuco to almost triangular-shaped of the stick contour, lowering the centre gravity of the stick and making the bow more stable, giving the delicate, full and bright sound.

The frog was made with superior quality Ebony, we follow the higher frog design according to the style in 19th century, which helps the players to produce sound with a wider range of tone colour and dynamics. Together with silver mountings and a selected set of high grading 3-pearl eyes and pearl slide, we carefully present the copy of Dominique Peccatte bow.  



Round stick, Pernambuco


Ebony, Silver mounted,

Single pearl eye 


3 piece button with 1 pearl eye

Length: 724mm 

Weight: 60.8g


Price: $18000

Price: $18000
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