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Pierre Guillaume Rosin

- 以大師 Pierre Guillaume的秘方製成,採用純天然樹脂,品質保證。

- 其咬弦表現出色,傳輸度快,爆發力強勁

- 提琴音色表達強而有力,同時處理細聲旋律時聲音也十分順滑仔細,富穿透力。

- 廣受演奏家喜愛,​ 同時適合小/中/大提琴使用。

The rosin is made from 100% natural French resins, each with its own particular qualities. These resins are expertly combined by Pierre Guillaume according to a secret recipe.
​By mixing resin glue with liquid resin, he produces a superior resin that provides excellent adherence and exceptional sound quality. It has won over not just violinists but also viola-players and even cellists.

 適合小/中/大提琴使用 Suitable for Violin/Viola/Cello 

傳統鋁盒 Traditional French Box    HK$220
硬紙盒 Card Box    HK$ 190 

Guillaume Rosin:


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