Bow Maker


Jimmy Cheung, Hong Kong bow maker, began his apprenticeship in 2005 with Andreas Franke, who later became his primary assistant. Subsequently,

in 2011, Jimmy and James, his brother, opened their violin shop, Violin Brothers,

Where Jimmy specializes in bow making and restorations of modern and antique bows. Jimmy traveled internationally in pursuit of knowledge in all bows-related matters.

He has then visited Brussels, Belgium to work with the great contemporary master bow maker Pierre Guillaume regularly since 2014, With Jimmy developed and matured his aesthetics for bows and inherited traditional ways of French bow making.

Jimmy established his own brand of bows, stamped “J.CHEUNG HONG KONG”

in 2014, featuring bows that are made from the world’s best quality of Pernambuco which he scoured from all over the world. Every bow is a culmination of Jimmy’s artistic vision and devotion as he meticulously Examines and selects the most suited wood for each bow tailored to individual players.

His approach to bows is deeply inspired by great legendary French bow makers like the Peccatte family, A. Lamy, and E. Sartory,

Therefore, Jimmy’s bows are endorsed by many international and local professional musicians.

Violin Brothers

J. Cheung Hongkong