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Violin Brothers Professional Repair

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Violin Brothers

Price 2023
Instrument Repair
New SoundPost: Violin Viola $600/ Cello $800
New Bridge: Violin Viola $1800/ Cello $2800
New Fingerboard: Violin Viola $3500/ Cello $7000
Reset Neck: Violin Viola: 5000/ Cello $9000
New Top Nut: Viola Viola $500/ Cello $800
New Peg: Violin Viola $250/ Cello $350 (Work Only) Each
Reglue Opening: $300 up
Cleaning: Violin Viola/ 500 up / Cello $1000
Tailpiece Installation: Violin Viola $250/ Cello $500
Strings Installation: Violin Viola $100(Set)/ Cello $200 (Set)
Price 2023
Bow Repair
New Rehair: Violin Viola $900/ Cello $1000
New Head plaet: $800
New Silver Lapping: $900
New Thumb Lather: $100
New Bronze eyelet for Frog: $600
New Screw for Button: $800
New Peral Eye for Frog: $500 each
New Pearl Slide for Frog: $900

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